Worried that You may Lose Your Job?

Is it Keeping You Up at Night?

We’re here to help you decide what to do, and then help you carry out your decision.

What are my options? What do I do?

Should I stay and fight for my job?

Should I look for a new job?

   Should I start a new career?     

Should I start a business or a side hustle?



Join one of 4 mentored groups – for the 3 strategic options, and for those who have yet to decide on a strategic option. Meet regularly with others who have chosen the same option, report progress, discuss issue solutions, and help other group members.

Alternatively, choose to be mentored individually.


Select a strategic option:

1. Start a business or a side hustle

2. Choose a new career or a new job

3. Become an indispensable employee

Review the pros and cons. Make your decision.

Apply for mentoring help.


Start your own business or side hustle while you’re still employed. Get mentoring help in all the steps from selecting a product or service to marketing to launch and beyond – all the way to financial independence.

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Whether changing careers or just changing jobs, follow our 6-step Life Planning System, known as PRISM. Start with defining your life vision; Prepare a plan to start achieving your vision; Review your skill set and interests; Research the right new career for you; and make it happen.

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Learn ways to make yourself an indispensable employee. Review what goes on in your employer’s operations. Identify the key people. Strategize what you can do to help. Keep your job longer.

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Arden Business Consulting is available to provide occasional business consulting services where there is a need for more active involvement than is provided by mentoring. These services may be provided by Nick Arden or other team members with the appropriate business experience. Fees will be negotiated for each service.

Contact Nick to discuss your needs.


What Do ABC Mentored Groups Offer?

Carefully Curated Groups

Each group has 6-10 members who are carefully selected to be compatible but not competitive. Industry, functional, and cultural backgrounds are mixed to encourage different viewpoints. Members may request a change of group assignment. (As our network of groups grow, we have more flexibility in assignments.)

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are scheduled monthly or semi-monthly. Their focus is to identify members’ major issues, and to discuss possible solutions. Breakout meetings may be assigned. Monthly meetings include an educational component by guest or house speakers who introduce specialty topics. Members are encouraged to set monthly objectives.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Members are encouraged to work together to help each other resolve issues. The initial primary dependence on the experience of the mentor diminishes as the experience of members grows.

Confidential and Trust-Based

Group meetings are confidential and trust-based. Members share their challenges and concerns openly without fear of judgment or competition. NDAs may be required.

Facilitated by Business Mentors

ABC Mentored Group meetings are facilitated by experienced business mentors. Mentors help guide discussions, tell stories of the mistakes they have made, and offer insights into what the mistakes have taught them.

Virtual and Global

ABC Mentored Group meetings are virtual, eliminating travel time. Members can come from anywhere in the world. Hearing how different cultures treat the same problem opens everybody’s minds to alternative solutions.

Why Join ABC Mentored Groups?


Resolving Your Issues

The combined knowledge and experience of a business mentor and all the members in your group provide a much better opportunity to solve your issues than just facing them yourself.


Access to External Confidential Support

There are often times when you need to strategize challenges before discussing them with friends and family – or with people at work. The availability of an external trusted support group is invaluable.


Maintaining Focus and Accountability

Your group helps you maintain your focus on your goals and deadlines. You are encouraged to avoid spending time on the distractions that  all encounter in life.


Lifelong Connections and Support

Some members stay in their group for months or even years. After months of helping and being helped by the members of your group, you learn their strengths and can call on them whenever needed. Lifelong Mentoring becomes a valuable option for you throughout your business and life journey.


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